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Capstone project Fall 2021

My Role


Tools & Methods

Designer & Researcher

9 Weeks

Miro, Figma, Zoom, Competitive Analysis, User Interviews, Mapping,
User Scenarios, A/B Testing

Project Focus

Research common ethics issues with in the field of data science in order to design a tool that provided feedback to students and professionals on best ethical practices.

Sprint 1 & 2 Focus

  • Determine the primary needs of Data science students when implementing and understand ethical practices in data science.

  • Focus on Educators’ perspectives when creating 2nd design iteration in order to refine the developing prototype

The Process​​



Conduct a Expert Interviews and market research to identify stakeholder needs


Data Interpretation & Analysis

Develop user scenarios and product map via data and project criteria



Design first stage prototype based on the findings

Stakeholder Interview Findings​​

Stakeholder interviews were conducted to determine the main needs and preferences for the tool.

Interface of choice

  • Website or Software tool


  • Flexibility of usage 

  • Customizable

  • Multiple session usage

Motivations for usage

  • Educational classroom tool

  • Ethical Awareness 

  • Research Tool

Mapping Diagram

Mapping was used to visualize key components of the ethical life cycle and points of consideration in ethics to determine the most important needs for the tool.

PERVADE ⚡️ HCIM Capstone 5-Week Design Sprint - Frame 5.jpg
PERVADE ⚡️ HCIM Capstone 5-Week Design Sprint - Frame 6.jpg

User Scenarios


Sketches were developed by each team member based on the the analyzed data gathered. The sketches were then reviewed and voted on via the Art Museum decision process.

Design Prototype

Two prototypes were designed to determine what users felt was most useful when using the tool.

Note: Screens marked with a star are different or removed in the alternative prototype


What Went Well

  • Users appreciated the categorization of the Data Lifecycle 

  • Preferences: 

    • The 5 step Data Lifecycle

    • “Evaluate your Scenario” feature organized into accordions

Has Potential

  • Users wanted a clearer understanding of how to use the “Evaluate your Scenario” Feature

  • The “Ethical Considerations” flow sparked interest but lacked clarity for users

  • Users wanted more free mobility throughout the site and adding more “back buttons"

Additional Takeaways

  • Potential to expand to other users who are not data scientists that need to understand the importance of Ethical considerations.

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