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A headshot of Bree

Hi, I'm Bree! I am a passionate user experience (UX) designer driven by curiosity and a dedication to lifelong learning. I have a keen interest in inclusive design, the fields of AI, analytics, and machine learning. I have a strong foundation in graphic design with a Bachelor's degree in fine arts and a Master's degree in human-computer interaction. Using my background in graphic design and HCI I bring a multidisciplinary approach to crafting intuitive and engaging user experiences.


Over the past few years, I have honed my skills in UX design. Collaborating with cross-functional teams and blending creativity with user-centered methodologies to create impactful digital products and services. My goal as a designer is to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and exceptional user experiences, particularly within the rapidly evolving AI and ML landscape. Let's collaborate and create user experiences that make a positive impact.

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