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 Digital Form Experience

My Role



Contract Stay

11 months

Tools & Methods

Agile Scrum, Microsoft Teams, Adobe XD, Invision,

Mural, Tableau, Interviews,

Moderated Usability Testing, Affinity Mapping, Gamestorming, Information Architecture

Stakeholder Focus

This project focuses on reviewing physical paper products and converting them into a digital format. Our aim is to ensure a smooth transition from physical to digital, while upholding the integrity of both mediums and minimizing any potential experience biases for the user.

Note: Due to employment restrictions details related to contract specifics
is limited.

The Process​​

Meet with clients and other stakeholders to determine primary needs and goals.




Review current state of products, relevant resources and compile user needs


Data Interpretation & Analysis

Develop the users stories via data 



Recommend ideas based on the findings, to product owners iterate as needed.

Experience Gained

As a an embedded designer on this project I work directly with client stakeholders and mulit-skilled teams to create products that directly impacted users. My time on this project allowed me to gain some of the following skills listed below.

Hard Skills

  1. Collaboration and Feedback: Collaborated closely with a team of designers, and content strategist providing valuable feedback and insights at various stages of project development.

  2. Agile Development: Successfully worked as the embedded designer in an Agile Scrum development team, contributing to iterative design and development processes.

  3. Independent Research: Led individual research efforts to drive global site changes, resulting in the identification of new patterns and flows that improved the user experience for client site.

  4. Accessibility and Inclusive Design: Applied accessibility and inclusive design patterns to mockups, ensuring that the designs are inclusive and accessible to a diverse range of users.

  5. User-Centered Design: Created user flows, user-centered wireframes and screen mockups ensuring that designs are intuitive and align with user expectations.

  6. Design System Alignment: Conducted design system audits and provided revisions to align with the Client design system, ensuring consistency and adherence to established design standards.

Soft Skills

  1. Client Engagement: Ability to work directly with multiple clients, identify their needs, and balance them with the needs of users.

  2. Presentation Skills: Proficiency in presenting concepts and design interactions to clients and team members, effectively conveying ideas and gaining stakeholder buy-in.

  3. Collaboration: Strong collaboration skills and techniques, fostering outside-the-box thinking and creating a shared understanding of needs and processes among clients and the design team.

  4. Adaptability: Ability to work in fast-paced environments, efficiently consolidating user needs into manageable sections and prioritizing important features and requirements.

  5. Leadership: Capability to lead efforts from scratch to implementation, providing constructive feedback and clear direction to developers and clients.

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