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Acquisition Contracts

My Role




9 months over 2-3 week sprints

Tools & Methods

Agile Scrum, Microsoft Teams, Figma, Figjam, Interviews,

Moderated Usability Testing,


Competitive Analysis

Stakeholder Focus

Maintain and improve the public facing site in order to keep primary and new users informed on new features, updates and services provided on the site.

Note: Due to employment restrictions details related to contract specifics
is limited.

The Process​​

Meet with clients and other stakeholders to determine primary needs and goals.




Develop personas based on existing research. Interview matching users to identify Pain Points.


Data Interpretation & Analysis

Develop the users stories via data 



Recommend ideas based on the findings, iterate as needed.

Experience Gained

As a designer I was able to utilize foundational UX skills and gain an understanding of the balance needed when working with stakeholders and users. In addition to collaborating on a large multi-skilled team in order to effectively communicate design ideas and user needs. My time on this project allowed me to gain some of the following skills listed below.

Hard Skills​

  1. Working in an Agile Scrum environment and developing familiarity with project management tools like JIRA and Confluence, enabling efficient teamwork and project coordination.

  2. Educating designers and developers on inclusive design patterns and considerations, fostering a culture of inclusivity within your team.

  3. Designing user-centered sketches, wireframes, screen mockups, and user flows to evaluate and ensure intuitive and user-friendly interface experiences interfaces.

  4. Conducting a design system audit and providing revisions to align with the US Web design system, ensuring consistency and adherence to established standards.

  5. Contributing to content strategy using the Drupal 9 Content Management System, effectively managing and organizing content.

  6. Conducting content audits and implementing tagging solutions to improve information architecture, enhancing the searchability and organization of content

Soft Skills

  1. Client Engagement: Working directly with multiple clients to identify their needs and requirements, to establish strong client relationships and understand their expectations.

  2. Requirement Balancing: Balancing client requirements with the needs of users, in order to find the right balance between client demands and user-centric design principles.

  3. Presenting and Communication: Presenting concepts and design interactions to clients and team members, to effectively communicate and articulate design ideas.

  4. Collaboration: Collaborating with clients and the design team, using various techniques to encourage creative thinking and foster a shared understanding of needs and processes.

  5. Outside-the-Box Thinking: Employing collaboration skills and techniques to think innovatively and generate fresh ideas, pushing the boundaries of conventional design solutions.

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